Macaw Sanctuary Tour NATUWA

NATUWA, Macaw Conservation Sanctuary carries a captive breeding program with Costa Rica’s macaws. Also, the Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitate and release the macaws back to the wild. Many birds are confiscated by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

The conservation of Costa Rica’s macaws is important to keep intact the functions performed by these wonderful birds in the ecosystem. The dispersion of seeds and their destruction, is part of their daily life; we could also say that they participate in processes of vegetation healing, thus, keeping the forest healthy.

NATUWA, does not reproduce these birds in captivity. Rather, it conserves the parrots devoting efforts in combating the looting of nests and the illegal trade of chicks, works with the local communities in the installation of artificial nest for the wild scarlet macaws (Ara macao). Also, in the restoration of the habitat that these birds require. With our macaw management program, we provide assistance to the government of Costa Rica, rehabilitating those offspring that have been confiscated both in the Carara National Park, and Ara macao cyanoptera offspring from the North Pacific and other areas of the country.

Native trees such as jabillo, guayacán, surá and jobos have been planted in the lands of the Sanctuary. As a result, they generate a refuge for wildlife in the area and for animals that can not be released. This vegetation provides a beautiful natural spot that the macaws enjoy and that enlightens the community.

  • If you come in a Cruise. Meet up will be 30 minutes after the cruise arrive, in the cruise terminal main gate, our uniform is red color tshirt, you will see a sign with your name on it. If you want to reserve this tour I request one deposit via Paypal of $100 and the balance will be paying on the day of the tour, cash please. (minimum 2 person per booking)

  • This tour include

    • Entrance fee
    • Hotel pick up and drop off
    • Transportation
    • $130 per person
    • Bilingual tour guide
    • 8 hours