The Chocolate Forest Experience & Cahuita National Park

We will visit the houses of the Bribri people, observe their customs and we will have the opportunity to talk to them and ask them the questions that we might have in our mind. They will show you how they prepare chocolate and how they use medicinal plants.

CariBeans believes in a "local economy" model of doing business. This means that our products will include only ingredients produced in Costa Rica. We are not "certified" fair trade but rather our practices based on friendships we have developed within this small beach community and throughout Costa Rica.

Caribeans is working with several indigenous groups and small family farmers to create a network of high quality sustainable producers in Costa Rica. The Chocolate Forest Experience!

Cacao has deep roots in the history of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Now for the first time, gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate is being made right here in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica. Tour guests will experience a chocolate tasting of several chocolates of single origin from small farms in Costa Rica.

Guest will take a taste tour through the history of chocolate from an Aztec ceremonial drink to fine European style chocolate bars mixed with locally grown spices and herbs.

Finally guests will tour the Chocolate Creation Lab where they get to "see how we do it!" Smell the aromas and taste the transformation from raw cocoa bean to fine tempered chocolate. Tennis Shoes or hiking shoes recommended...flip flops not recommended. Remember, CariBeans also makes great bean-to-bar chocolate in our small chocolate factory. Tour guests will have a chance to buy our special reserve hand made chocolate direct from our warehouse at discount prices.

Tropical fruits. Your first stop is Fruit Stand, where the tour guide will give a little talk of cocoa and coffee. Also will taste delicious fruits of the Caribbean.

We make a stop in a local plantation, where you will see banana plants, coffee plants and cacao trees, the tour guide will explain you how the local plantations works in the country.

Coastal Scenic Drive. See some beautiful scenery on the way to next stop.

Cahuita national park: The Jungla Trail offers a 1 km trek through a secondary forest offering beautiful landscapes, various flora and fauna, and including many opportunities to see the remarkably fascinating different frog species of Costa Rica, for example the red dart frog (dendrobates pumillo).

Inside the trail, among the abundant fauna visitors may witness the 3 toed sloths and see the different species of birds: Toucans, Oropendola, Tanagers, Hummingbirds, kiskidees and much more, squirrels, and the majestic butterflies that swarm through the trail. The creeks which appear during the trail, add a crisp freshness to the air, yet more importantly enable the reproduction of many of the organisms living there. For example these creeks create the perfect atmosphere for the various types of frogs you will encounter, allowing the perfect place for egg laying. You will witness the beautiful flora, such as the epífites, orchids and bromeliads as well as other ground level plants with various sized leaves appearing in their plenty. The different species of trees ranging from young to old, small to large, serve as homes to many of the creatures being large mammals to tiny insects. These trees as you will witness are also adorned by the lianas that hang from the branches.

City tour. See the main sights on Puerto Limon, where Christopher Columbus landed in 1502. Still a large shipping port, the city now receives many cruise ships. Pass the city's old quarter with a combination of historical and buildings under renovation, also see the market, park and view point

Shopping and Souvenirs. There are many souvenir shops along the way. You will find a variety of crafts, shopping options along with food choices that reflect the different cultures. You are sure to find just what you are looking for.

If you come in a Cruise. Meet up will be 30 minutes after the cruise arrive Pick up area is at the cruise ship pier, no need to walk outside the facilities, we will have a sign with your name on it and our uniform is a red shirt.

We are the best option for you. we are your local tour operator!

This tour include

  • Entrance fee
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Transportation
  • $110 per person
  • Bilingual tour guide
  • 7 hours